Ministry of Planning and Finance

Financial Regulatory Department

Policy and Objective


        Developing an inclusive financial sector in Myanmar; Ensuring that financial institutions operate correctly. Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Provisions for Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies; To comply with the rules and regulations. To provide financial education to the people and to support the development of the capital market.


· Building an inclusive financial sector in Myanmar, related ministries, Government departments, organizations, civil societies, international organizations Donors development partner organizations; To carry out the development and joint implementation of the private sector.

· Conducting strict inspection of state-owned banks to provide high efficiency and various services and development of the insurance sector. To effectively implement the supervision and control of the national government's Aung Baley Lottery for the development of the small financial sector.

· To supervise and inspect microfinance organizations to be legal organizations according to the law and to be able to operate microfinance businesses in an orderly manner.

· Domestic To oversee that the income flow of foreign insurance companies and microfinance companies is a clean cash flow.

· Educating microfinance and insurance operators on Mutual Evaluation Report-MER findings to prevent money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism; reporting between communication operators; give news To carry out knowledge sharing.