Our History English

1. Myanma Small Loans Enterprise(MSLE) was first initiated as state Pawn-Shops management board on 11 October,1952. In October1961, it became one of the organizations of Myanma Economic Development Corporation, namely People's Loans Company. When Myanma Economic Development Corporation was nationalized in 1963, People's Loans Company had been merged with the People's Bank of the Union of Myanmar. Then it was included again in newly formed Myanma Economic Bank as  Small Loans Department. When Myanmar Financial Institution Law was enacted in 1990, Small Loans Department was separated form Myanma  Economic Bank and has been transformed into a different Financial institution under the name of Myanma Small Loans Enterprise headed by Managing Director since 14 August,1992.

2. To be systematic and precise in supervising Microfinance Business, Myanma Small Loans  Enterprise was transformed  into Myanma Microfinance Supervisory Enterprise on 10th  October,2011 in accordance with the sanction of the Union Government. It had been under the purview of the Ministry.

3. In accordance with the decision made by the Meeting No.(16/2014) of the Union Government Office held on 14thAugust,2014, the Ministry of Finance issued the Directive No.(1560/2014) on 1st September 2014, to be transformed Myanma Microfinance Supervisory Enterprise into " Financial Regulatory Department "with effect from 1st September,2014. The Financial Regulatory Department is composed of six divisions in head office and 15 regional branch offices, respectively.

Our Strucutre

  • Financial Regulatory Department

  •  Administration and Accounting Division

  • Policy, Research , Technology and Training Division

  • Microfinance Regulation & Supervision Division

  • Insurance Regulation & Supervision Division

  • State-owned banks Regulation & Supervision Division

  • State-lottery Regulation & Supervision Division

  • Naypyitaw, Union Territory Region, Office of the State Office of Financial Supervision Inspection (15)